In memoriam dr. H.G.K.

"Hölderlin ist ihnen unbekannt?" Dr. H.G.K. asked as he dug the pit for the horse’s carcass.
"Who is that?" the German guard growled.
"The author of Hyperion," said Dr. H.G.K., who had a positive passion for explanations. "The greatest figure of German Romanticism. How about Heine?" he tried again.
"Who're them guys?" the guard growled, louder than before.
"Poets," Dr. H.G.K. said. "But Schiller. Surely you have heard of Schiller?"
"That goes without saying," the German guard nodded.
"And Rilke?" Dr. H.G.K. insisted.
"Him, too," the German guard said and, turning the color of paprika, shot Dr. H.G.K. in the back of the head.

You’re not familiar with Hölderlin?